'The Naming Department'

Agency: Code & Theory

Essie fans are notoriously passionate. Loyal consumers are excited to identify ‘bikini so teeny’ or spot the difference between cult classics ‘wicked’ and 'berry naughty' from across a room. However, even true essie experts have been stumped on one of the industry’s biggest mysteries for decades.


How does a nail polish get it’s cheeky name?


In 2017, essie spilled the tea and brought to life the mythical office of the Naming Department through a it’s first episodic comedy serial.


Designed to disrupt a sea of tutorials and product reviews that dominate Beauty YouTube, the series helped establish a playful and polished personality for the brand and successfully boosted overall brand love.

This project was the winner of a competition held amongst brands within the L'Oreal portfolio, and was included on the shortlist in the 2017 Clio Awards in the Fashion & Beauty category.