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Canada Goose

Live in the Open

Along with a collective of creators and explorers, Virtue collaborated with Canada Goose on their Fall/Winter 2020 campaign. The work embodies the triumph to look in, push forward, and to break through, while encouraging viewers to get outside.

Brought to life through a series of short films and moving visuals, Live In The Open is a portrait bound in self-expression and resilience and a call for each of us to find our true north. 

Agency: Virtue Worldwide

Film One – Featuring Adventurer, Aldo Kane

Film One – Featuring Adventurer, Aldo Kane

Film Two – Featuring Actor, Shawn Dou

Screen Shot 2021-03-01 at 11.27.09

Film Three – Featuring Dancer + Choreographer, Suzette Brissett


Behind the Scenes

The Art of Film

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