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Black Queer Town Hall

The Most Office

Agency: Virtue Worldwide

The stakes? High. The process? Confusing.


When the 2020 election occurred in the middle of a pandemic, false and misleading information about the mail-in voting process seemed to be everywhere – especially in swing states like Pennsylvania. In a year where every vote mattered more than ever, Black Queer Town Hall's founders Bob the Drag Queen and Miss Peppermint wanted to use their platform to encourage black queer voters to use their voices.

To make sure prospective voters in P.A. got the information straight, we created The Most Office — a campaign centered around doing The Most to help voters cast their ballots by mail.

With an original song, a music video, and social content we took a cheeky approach to education around voter suppression, the importance of participating, and all ways to vote during quarantine. And we explicitly called out the 5 Pennsylvania counties who swung the 2016 election – 3 out of the 5 went blue.

Original song by Bob the Drag Queen, Peppermint and DJ Mitch Ferrino

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