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Hey there!

I'm an art director. From campaign concepts, to comedy serials I work across digital and classic media to tell awesome stories. Check out some of my favorite work below.


Canada Goose

Live in the Open

Made with a collective of creators and explorers, Canada Goose's Fall Winter 2020 campaign embodies the triumph to look in, push forward, and to break through, while encouraging viewers to get outside.

Black Queer Town Hall 

In the 2020 election, all eyes were on Pennsylvania. It was also more important than ever for Black, queer voices be heard. Made with Bob the Drag Queen and Miss Peppermint, Black Queer Town Hall created The Most Office — a campaign centered around doing The Most to help voters cast their ballots by mail.



When Target launched its owned grocery line Good & Gather – it's biggest store-brand to date with over 2,000 products – the brand needed to establish itself as the new go-to for the modern gathering.

Coming Soon!

Ax The Pink Tax Campaign

The Pink Tax is the extra money women are charged on goods and services because they're marketed to women. In 2018, European Wax Center led its first month-long award-winning campaign about the issue that affects its consumers, empowering them to raise their brows and their voices.

The Naming Department

Beauty insiders know that trend-setting nail polish shades come from the runways, but no one seems to know how they get zany names. 'The Naming Department' is the dreamy office comedy that solves one of the industry's most enduring mysteries. 

Social Creative

Chandon USA

European Wax



Bartlett House

Standing alone on New York's iconic Route 66 in the Hudson Valley, Bartlett House was a railroad hotel in the 1800s, and became a thriving kitchen, bakery and café in 2016. Working with a small, passionate team I worked to create social content, strategy, and PR campaigns to support big growth in a small town.

More Projects

This site changes as often as the internet. Check back soon for more projects! If there's something specific that you're looking for, just say hey.


Thanks for visiting. I'm open to new opportunities, collaborations and new projects in New York City, the Hudson Valley and beyond. Let's talk!

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